Fields of Application

Owing to the high standards of quality and safety and the carefully selected materials, our hydraulic cylinders allow for high flexibility and adaptability in the most diverse areas of application guaranteeing maximum reliability.

Beginning with the customer’s application needs, Balduzzi Tullio S.r.l. designs and produces hydraulic cylinders of different types for applications on machinery for earthmoving, industrial, agricultural, mechanical, snow treatment, water regulation and forestry work.


Prestigious Italian brands known on the world market have been using BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. cylinders for their snowcats for many years.

Cylinders and other mechanical components are also used on their ski lifts.


BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. produces cylinders and mechanical components for forestry machinery made by the most prestigious brands on the Italian and world markets.


Many Italian and European manufacturers use BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. cylinders for their wood-splitting machinery.


Balduzzi TULLIO S.r.l. cylinders are used by various European manufacturers of waste transport vehicles; our production’s particular sturdiness and reliability have led to the use of our cylinders in particularly hostile environmental conditions such as locks and dams at high altitude.

Even the manufacturers of wind turbines know us and use BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. company products.


The most famous and prestigious brands of earthmoving machinery can be found amongst the main customers of BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. , in particular the company produces specific track adjusting cylinders.

Customised hydraulic cylinders for industrial and agricultural applications

Quality hydraulic cylinders for operating machines can be produced according to designs provided by customers or our own and is carried out from the design phase until the product is delivered to the customer. Balduzzi Tullio S.r.l. also produces stainless steel cylinders for specific applications.

Our commitment and professionalism in adapting our products to customer needs are rewarded by the trust placed in us by the numerous companies that require the design and production of hydraulic cylinders for applications in industrial, environmental and agricultural fields.