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BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. designs, produces and sells hydraulic cylinders both according to customer as well as its own designs, for different types and intended uses, providing product quality and service that are always in step with evolution in the sector, owing to its constant commitment to research and innovation.

The company offers standard and customised solutions for various fields of application; from earthmoving and agriculture to industry, providing passion, expertise and experience to meet the specific needs of each customer.


BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. specialises in designing quality hydraulic cylinders, of different types and applications of use.
Equipped with advanced 3D software, our Design Department is able to develop hydraulic cylinders suitable for any use quickly and flexibly. The company produces according to customer designs as well as its own, offering interchangeability.

Materials procurement

BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. uses only quality materials coming from the top reliable suppliers on the market. Only materials that are regularly tested and accompanied by a certificate of chemical analysis and mechanical characteristics are used.
The company has a vast warehouse of materials in rods: chrome stems, honed tubes H8, drawn tubes H9, cast iron and steel bars of various qualities, flats, circuit pipes, etc. and components produced internally and stored in 4 automated vertical warehouses which are essential to ensuring very short lead times.


BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. has 4 automatic band saws for cuts up to 430 mm in diameter.

Mechanical machining

The strength of BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. is its Machine Tools department.

The machine tools that Balduzzi Tullio uses are the true strength of the workshop. The cutting-edge machine fleet is managed with competence and professionalism by personnel with decades of experience. The company pays special attention to the continuous updating of production technologies and consequently to renewing the machine fleet itself.


The parts are welded by semi-automated systems with continuous wire welding by automated robotic means, by qualified and certified personnel.

The company has a welding robot, with which precise, fast and problem-free welding is done, 2 automated welding lathes, a studding machine and numerous positioning devices for manual welding (MIG/MAG/TIG).

Quality control

The production process of each hydraulic cylinder undergoes careful quality controls and ends with a strict 100% final testing to ensure maximum product safety. In the event of custom products made according to customer designs, the tests, including functional ones, are done to specification.

At each machining and assembly phase, all components are checked with the most modern and efficient systems by qualified technicians using precision equipment in the control room.

Assembly and testing

Every single cylinder is checked with hydraulic testing on special test benches, which can be set at high pressures. The high quality standard of our hydraulic cylinders is ensured by constant and precise control procedures, conducted by highly qualified personnel, which cover control on the raw material, mechanical machining, welding and heat and surface treatments.

Commitment, passion, reliability, technology, quality and safety: the values that guide BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. allow the company to offer simple and effective, innovative and timely customised solutions, ensuring the product’s excellent functionality and reliability.


The hydraulic cylinders, being an active and fundamental part for movement in hydraulic circuits, are subject to identification in the construction phase. This allows us to go back at any time during their product life to the original design and relative documentation, and work on any spare parts and repairs / maintenance.


BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. has a large and modern continuous painting system, consisting of a washing area with phosphodegreasing products, drying, acrylic painting and a drying oven large enough for 250 cylinders.

Upon customer request, the company is able to do special painting, up to a thickness of 700 microns.

Packing and shipping

A quality product must reach the customer in top condition, both in terms of protection during transport and easy identification.

BALDUZZI TULLIO S.r.l. pays special attention to packing to preserve the quality of your cylinders, and guarantees quick shipping, even with its own vehicles.

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