Lodrone di Storo (TN)
Direction and manufacturing facility.
Via XXIV Maggio, 125.
I - 38089 Lodrone di Storo (TN)

Darzo di Storo (TN)
Warehouse, manufacturing, painting and logistics center.
Zona Artigianale, 8.
I - 38089 Darzo di Storo (TN)


At each stage of manufacturing and assembling all components are checked with the most modern and effective systems. Skilled technicians operate on high precision equipment available in  our control room. Each cylinder is individually  tested. This allows a high quality standard  that leads to excellent functionality and reliability of the product.

The whole company quality process previously certified,  leads to the tracking of each process and therefore of the products in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000.