In the actual production framework, in a situation such as that expressed by BALDUZZI TULLIO Srl , which makes quality and reliability its prominent element, the machine tools manufacturing the various components of the hydraulic cylinders have a vital role.

Investing in the technological evolution of manufacturing and upgrading machineries becomes essential not just in terms of economy and efficiency, but essential to the high standard quality ensuring highest accuracy, reproducibility and confidence in the product, expressed by our customers’ reliance.

In terms of sheer size, the workshop produces quality pieces with a bore of 20 to 300 mm and lengths up to 6,000 mm using CNC lathes supplied by the finest manufacturers in the market (Mori Seiki - Maxnovo - Doosan - Biglia) production centers, (Mori Seiki - Doosan - Kafo - PFG) and all those machineries complementary to production like shafts centering, sawing machines, band saws, radial and pillar drilling machines, marking machines, milling machines, grinders and lapping.

The welding phase has a particular importance in the processing of oleo dynamic cylinders, the workshop uses ABB robotic systems, having supports such as welding lathes and positioners.

The different areas of production, warehousing and logistics are equipped with various lifting and transport vehicles; bridge cranes, jibs, forklift trucks and pneumatic manipulators making easier and efficient every aspect of the process.

The use of computerized automatic vertical storages both in the production area of Lodrone as well as in Darzo allow to elevate the efficiency levels and consequently speed-up the delivering. This allows keeping suitable stocks of complementary parts and mechanical parts plus the products necessary during assembly of the cylinders.

In the factory of Darzo, in addition to the logistics of incoming and outgoing goods, there is a modern automatic painting plant whose capacity is of 250 cylinders.