Our workshop was established in Lodrone, Trentino region, in 1971, by craftsman Mr. Tullio Balduzzi, who though very young, sensed the opportunity and potential to introduce mechanical process in the local environment From the initial production of mechanical and carpentry complements targeted to local needs, with determination and entrepreneurial skill went from a few square meters of manufacturing facility to the current areas of production, storage and management exceeding 25,000 square meters, with a covered area of more than 8,000 square meters.

Initial production was first oriented, led then to specialized manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders and the manufacturing of high precision mechanical parts consistent with the product. Growing in size, even the company organization changed, indeed in 2012 the firm changed the Business name and became BALDUZZI TULLIO Srl: to the founder for management and production there joined his three sons Monia, Fabio and Nadia.

To the initial machinery, preserved only for future memory, any type of modern machine and tools have been acquired in the years, i.e. mostly numerically controlled machining centers and welding robots. Currently, the factory operates over 20 CNC lathes, also of big dimensions, and 8 machining centers, honing machines are also used to reduce friction, lubrication and wear out of the cylinder products, keeping constantly updated fleet with continuous targeted investments.

Our constant attention to quality and reliability of finished products, over the years led to recruiting qualified technicians, a skilled staff ready to follow up-to-date innovative processes plus design lines steadily improving thanks to our designers together with collaborations with our leading customers.

Particular emphasis has taken over time the instrumental and functional control of the production, allowing to achieve high reliability of the products recognized us by our customers.